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Cimuka was established in 1981 with an approach in production of hobby and commercial
aimed incubators in the poultry field.
With 35 years of experiences,we know that investments for poultry production gain value
with the knowledge, experiences and the quality of production machinery.
Poultry productions have different activities including hatchery, breeding and processing.
Cimuka is expert in all these parts of production and offers a wide range of products for
incubation , breeding and processing of chicken, turkey, quail, pheasant, partridge, duck,
goose and ostrich species. In addition, we create special solutions for hobbyists.
Cimuka are producing a full range of incubators and hatchers having capacities from
30 to 10.080 chicken eggs in standard and special customized solutions for higher capacity
projects. Our low capacity egg incubator models are represented in Prodi® mark.
Depending on clients needs, Cimuka supports the incubation systems with hatchery equipments
including modular climate systems, egg storage and fumigation cabinets, candling and
transfer tables. All the machineries can be specialized in dependence on client's one to one
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