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Smart Transformation, a global technology company, with clients and partners in North America and Middle East, is hiring full time "Full stack developers" for its office in Morocco (Fez), the qualifications for the position are as below:

- Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
- An avid learner and curious to discover new technologies.
- Good understanding of design and overall architecture of web applications.
- Highly skilled with back-end programming in Spring and NodeJS.
- Full command of Angular.
- Expertise in NoSQL dababase management system such as MangoDB,.
- Experience with DevOPS, Firebase, cloud services, APIs, Git and unit testing.
- Comfortable with both mobile and desktop applications.
- Blockchain development experience is a plus.

Join a fast growing company, gain international experience and have fun while developing the next technology solutions that will shape the future.


- Please attach your resume to your application.
- Responses are accepted in English or French.
- Applications are considered on a rolling basis.
- You would be required to work late shifts and week ends.
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